Docking Fees

Docking Fees

Docking Fees

Our crew always tries to minimize the cost of Your fees and tends to provide the best locations in beautiful environments. If You wish to be docked every night - this is also possible and we'll again organize the hot-spots.  All of the yachts which we recommend have generators on-board to provide You the access for the "normal" house-plug (or technically speaking 220V) electricity and water-makers which allow You the access to clean water. 

For example, if You book a yacht without a generator, then even if this yacht has an air-conditioning system it would be impossible for this system to work if it is not connected to on-shore power granted by the marinas.

If You do have a generator on-board then You do not need to dock (unless there is some bad weather coming in), however the generators are often noisy and they are wasting fuel from the one of the main engine fuel tanks. If You are chartering with You as a Captain - this needs to be constantly monitored. That's because, sometimes, You don't won't to not to be able to use the engine for the sake of air-conditioning.

So, to repeat, You don't need to be docked every night, but at least 3 nights would be recommended. Nevertheless, we'll pass the docking fees as if You were docked for 6 nights which would be the theoretical maximum expenditure. On the 7th night You are obliged to be in the so called base marina, which is the marina from where You have set sails from. Since a normal charter week (which is the week You rent Your sail-boat, catamaran or motor-yacht) starts at 5 p.m. on Saturday, that means You have to be back in the marina on the following Friday by 6 p.m. with the grant that You can normally spend the night from Friday to Saturday on-board, and then the disembarkation is set for 9a.m. on the next Saturday morning. This is because of the divers standard inspection of the bottom of the hull after each charter week, and there are a lot of boats returning and a very few divers. It is important to return the boat while there is still enough sun-light, in order for the visual and tactile inspection of the diver to be effective. That's why You cannot expect to return the boat at 9 a.m. on Saturday since that is already the time upon which You should have disembarked.

Now let's get back to the prices:

For sailing in Croatia with a mono-hull (regardless if it's a sailing boat or a motor yacht) which lenghts vary from 32 - 68 ft, a full week of reasonable docking would cost You from 400 - 3000€.
For catamarans, that expense sums up from 800 - 5000€, for the catamaran hull lenghts varying from 38 - 80 ft.

The reason for the price increase for docking a catamaran is obvious - it simply takes 2 spots a normal mono-hull would do. Hence, You can expect the price increase from 30-100% , dependent on the spot, for sailing around with a catamaran instead of a mono-hull.

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