Crewed Yacht Charter

Crewed Yacht Charter

Crewed Yacht Charter

If You do not have a licence, then You're a passenger on the crew list - an obligatory legal document for travelling on the sea.

Crew list consists of:

- Yacht commander (a.k.a. The Captain, a.k.a. The Skipper)
- Crew (Hostess, Cook, Engineer)
- Passengers: All active crew members but without the sailing licence.

If You are wondering whether to book just a captain, or captain and hostess, or captain, hostess and a cook. Engineers are already assigned with the yachts which are legally bound to their operations on board. This is mostly valid for mega-yachts.

It's simple:

If You want to be fully functional itinerary-wise and money-wise, then You will just go with the captain. Booking a hostess in other hand means that You will have the first two meals of the day ready for You. It is also sometimes obligatory.

Since Maritime Law often requires 2 crew members with a valid licence, in order to ensure the legality of Your voyage - booking a top team of a hostess and a skipper is often the best solution . Consider her like a co-pilot. Just, instead of her flying sometimes - she is there to coordinate with the captain and You the route and serve as an extra deck hand handling all of the ropes on the boat while the skipper is on the helm commanding the docking procedures.

In practical terms, bigger catamarans (>50ft) usualy require 2 crew members.

If You book only a hostess, then You can expect breakfast and lunch.

When You book a hostess and a cook - then You can just rest and digest.

Well, it depends how many times have You done this. If You are going for the first time, then we would reccomend getting a Captain and a hostess, and using the chefs from the restaurants all around when going to dinners. This also saves money, since most of the restaurants allow for the buoy price to be included in the price of the meal. Obviously, booking just for the services of the Captain, will be cheaper (if that is Your criteria).

Please bear in mind that we can make any bareboat charter yacht crewed, but we cannot make a crewed boat bareboat , even if You have the sailing licence.

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