Yacht Transfers Worldwide

Yacht Transfers Worldwide

Yacht Transfers Worldwide

Once buying a new yacht - You can take it over at the factory. But what next? You probably won't be able to just keep it close to the factory, but instead You will need it delivered somewhere in the world, regardless of her whereabouts.

Well, this is where we can assist. Instead of paying enourmous amounts of money for moving Your yacht accross the continent by special ground vehicles, with special fees and costly organization for closing the roads for Your yachts passage - while Your new yacht is slowly advancing towards the destination. So, instead of moving her by ground, we can guarantee her delivery by moving her accross the oceans and all of the world seas.

We have highly trained personnel specialized in all known types of yachts, engines and sails.

This minimizes Your cost of shipping by an average of 90%.

Wheter Your yacht is new or used - we can move it accross the globe.

Feel free to contact us regarding the shipping of Your yacht and we'll put our whole mind into delivering it professionally and safely.

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